Free Products? Commercial vs. Personal Resources

Free Products? Commercial vs.

Personal Resources

Everyone like the word “free“.  Especially when what your getting is valuable to you.  As a web designer, I am always on the internet looking for “Free Products“.  Whether if it a nice font or a textured background, I and a lot of other designers use these resources to build logos, websites, etc.

Today, I am going to reveal some of my favorite free sites where I get from fonts, stock photos, and textures (background) images.

But first I want you to understand the fine print that goes a long with these free resources. Usually on the sites that have these resources supply you with both types of resources. Yes, they are free but that doesn’t mean that there is no guide lines to use the product.

Just read a little further in the description of the resource to see what you are allowed to do with the product.

Free Products? Commercial Resources

Commercial Resources
Commercial Resources are able to be used in the aspect of marketing for profit.


Commercial resource products that are fee on the internet is able to be used for commercial use.  Meaning that you can use the resource in advertisement for revenue.  The majority of the products that are commercial use is also for personal use also.

Free Products? Personal Resources

Personal Resources
Personal Resources can not be used for any aspect of commerce.

Personal resources that is free on the internet is restricted from the use of the resource to be used to make money from or use in any form of advertising that is meant for revenue.

However you can use these types of resources for weddings, personal stationary, etc.

The catch to the word FREE.

A lot of these resources only thing they want in return is to be credited for there work.  Sometimes that means sending out a #Tweet on Twitter for the upgrade to use the resource for commercial use.  Or a like on FaceBook.

Favorite Resources


Font Squirrel is a 100% commercial free font site.  Everything on this site is ready for anything that a web designer would need to complete any project.  Love the fact that the 100% Commercial Free is included within their logo.

@1001fonts They have a lot of great fonts for both commercial and personal use available.  Note:  Pink $ is for Personal Use only.  Green $ is for  Commercial Use only.




UnSplash High Resolution Images gives you high quality resolution image that can be used for commercial or personal projects.  Love the fact that every 10 days you receive images in your email.  Always a surprise.

@FreePik_Vector provides you with both commercial resources and personal resources to use.


In conclusion, there are many resources available for all to use.  And even with some of the personal resources if you contact the creator, you could upgrade the licences so that you can use it for commercial purposes.  To always be sure check the resource that your wanting to use.

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