About Me-@GaPeachGeek


Hi! Welcome back or to my blog.  Let me introduce myself, I am @GaPeachGeek.  I am the owner of JMA Internet Design located in Marietta, GA.

This blog is dedicated to the most frequent question that I get as a web designer, product reviews, internet news , entertainment and more.  This will be a platform for you to understand all of the weird non tangible products and language that the average person have no clue or idea of what a web designer is talking about?  And even if you know what an aligorthim is here you will find new web resources and products that might be useful in the near future.  And of course the latest updates on what is happening on the web.  Did you hear that @Twitter is going to go up to 140,000 characters?

So please continue to visit and comment.  Looking forward to great conversation and a year.  2016 is here.  And don’t forget to follow @GaPeachGeek on Twitter and also subsribe for the latest posts.gapeachgeekJMA INTERNET DESIGN

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