Premium Domains….What can they do for your site?

Premium Domains

Your company’s domain name is a must but also having a Premium Domains could also increase your chance to be found better during a search on the internet.

Premium Domains: What can they do for your site and/or platform?
Premium Domains: What can they do for your site and/or platform?

Everything that is connected to the internet has a domain.  Whether it is a .com, .net ….. there is a domain that is the foundation.  In other words its a space designated for that site and/or platform in the internet world.

Having the right domain could make your break your presence during a search.  This is a known fact.  There are many other sites and/or platform of the same content as yours, so what can make your site stand out and compete with your larger competitors.  Having the right

to back up the content which is being requested.

JMA Internet Design specializes in getting you started with Premium Domains that will increase your chance to be found during an internet search.


Premium Domain Packet                 $189.99

Up to 3 Premium Domains

1 Protective Registration

Up to 2 Certified Domains

Domain Appraisals

*Annual renewal:  $94.99 





Free Products? Commercial vs. Personal Resources

Free Products? Commercial vs.

Personal Resources

Everyone like the word “free“.  Especially when what your getting is valuable to you.  As a web designer, I am always on the internet looking for “Free Products“.  Whether if it a nice font or a textured background, I and a lot of other designers use these resources to build logos, websites, etc.

Today, I am going to reveal some of my favorite free sites where I get from fonts, stock photos, and textures (background) images.

But first I want you to understand the fine print that goes a long with these free resources. Usually on the sites that have these resources supply you with both types of resources. Yes, they are free but that doesn’t mean that there is no guide lines to use the product.

Just read a little further in the description of the resource to see what you are allowed to do with the product.

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Barter System and Leads: Kaba Hair Braiding


Leads and Bartering by @GaPeachGeek
Barter System and Leads: Kaba Hair Braiding

Barter System and Leads: Kaba Hair Braiding

Yes, this is Black History month but that is not the only reason why I am writing this poston Kaba Hair Braiding. .  1. How to find leads.  2.  The Barter System.

Kaba Hair Braiding has been with me since 2013.  This business already had a strong prescence in the community and the North Georgia area.  Before relocationg Kaba Hair Braiding was in the Bellmont Plaza in Marietta, GA.

I was given a card from a lady who had got her hair braided at the salon, so immediately I went online to check the shop out since there was a website address on the card.  However, there was no website!  This site is special to me for they allowed me to create the site with leaving all aspects of the design to me. Which is unheard of in any ascept of the design world!

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Hello world! @GaPeachGeek

Hello world!  It’s @GaPeachGeek here. Formely the JMA Internet Design Blog.   Excited that the blog is back up an running.  Looking forward to updating you on some of the experiences I have had in the short hiatus.  As always you can come here and find the lates in website design development, internet news, social media side of things, entertainment, fashion and more.  And don’t forget about all of the run down on the latest software products that I have tried whether I loved it or hated it. I hope that you will subscribe and also comment with your thoughts or experiences that you have had related to the subject.  Always remember hands on experience is better than anything.