Today we are going to compare the following 3D Animation software.

1.  Sumittsoft 3DText:  Creative Font:  Within this software you will receive two applications.  Creative Font which gives you access to hundres of fonts that you can use for personal and commercal use.  3D TEXT:  Is an 3D Text applicatio that allows you to use and make animation creation.

2.  Magix 3D Maker:  This software program allows you to create 3D Text abd Grapghic animation.


The software and application are very similiar but yet very different.

1.  They both have a setup Start Menu.

2.  In both your allowed to upload textures to custimoize your look.  However in Magix3D Text you can upload textures also to the background.

3.  Customized animation is allowed in both applications.  Along with Pre-Set animations.

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Have you ✔ your #TwitterActivity, lately?


Twitter Activity

What is Twitter Activity?  Well, its the break down of how many times ones tweet has been reviewed or engaged with.  Maybe you didn’t notice the link at the bottom of your Tweets link that lists all of your tweets that you have sent out.

It is very interesting to see which of your tweets receive the most views and it also gives you a little bit of information about the people that has seen a tweet and your audience.   The best part of this all information is #FREE.  Just 👀 for the icon and click.  

👀 for thebutton!

So to end this post here are a few snaoshots of @GAPEACHGEEK #TwitterActivity for 4-28-2015.

1.   #FLOTUS Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Twitter Activity 4-28-2015

2.  Steve Harvey + Wendy Williams Clip

Wendy williams + Steve Harvey
Twitter Activity 4-28-2015

3.  Design Tools

Twitter Activity 4-28-2015

Check out your Twitter Activity and see what is interesting to your #TwitterCommunity.

Understanding Hosting

Understand Hosting

Understanding Hosting:

Hosting is space were on stores all elements of the website that it is connected to.  Everything that will appear on and internal of a website is found here.  

Difference between Hosting and a Domains:

As you can see the Hosting is what ever that the it takes to keep the website componets, (ie. graphics, audio, document files) that makes the website become visual to the world.

Three types of Hosting:

  1. Web Application Framework:  A software program that manage and reduce the server work that comes along with activities for the website design development. ( ie. libraries, templates, sytle sheets, and any form of reuse codes)
  2. Quick Install:  An in-house script installer. (ie. Website Builder (Comes with its on built in hosting, )*, WordPress (Premium WordPress Hosting Platform))*
  3. Site Files:  These files is what is seen when the website URL is entered in to a browser.  The format of the files that are accepted on the the internet, unless otherwise programmed not to receive specifies  files.  This includes all document files, images, audio, and video. ( ie. docx., .jpeg, .mp3 to name a few.

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What can a domain can do for you?

he foundation of a website.

Industry Domains

I ❤ social media when it is used in the correct manner.    I use Twitter alot (@gapeacgeek) and I receive alot of request from artist that ask me to listen to their tracks on different music platforms.  And yes, I do listen.

This post is dirceted at all artist that use these platforms.  Think of this having someone to visit your page and is distracted with all of the other things that is going on.  Keep your audience focused on you and only you at that time.

Domain Branding

The best way to do this is starting with a domain, which you will recieve a one page site from JMA INTERNET DESIGN to link all of your social media and platforms in one place.  It sounds better to say visit me at billtherapper.com.  Don’t you agree.  And at no way am I dissing these platforms.  Without them a lot of the artists today would still be unknown.

Starting out in this industry money is tight but a investiment in .me can go along way.

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Part 2: Domains: The value of your domain.

The foundation of a website.

What is your domain really worth?

Let’s be honest, everyone thinks their domain is worth thousands or billions. Maybe it is, have you had your domain appraised lately?

Now, this is an appraisal.  So don’t get bent out of shape when your appraisal is not what you value your domain to be.  Just like having jewelry appraised.  This is a round about figure.  It is good to know what your domains are valued on the internet.  And this is why?

Domain Scavengers:

Forgot to pay for your renewal of your domain?  It happens more often than you would think.  I think of the renewal of my domains  (6 in all) as their birthdays/anniversaries.  But still it can slip your mind and you forget to pay for the renewal of the domain.  What can you do?

If the domain is still within the reach of the company that you purchased the domain in  your good.  Paying the renewal cost will solve the problem.  But more than likely a Domain Scavenger might have already obtained the domain if the renewal has went pass the expiration date. 

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Part 1: Domains: Is having your company domain all you need?

The foundation of a website.

What is a domain?

It is more than the just words put into ones web browser.  A DOMAIN is the unique name that identifies with a specific website.  In laymen terms its the address location to a website on the world wide web. (Internet)

Having a company’s domain all you need?

Of course when one purchases a domain for a website the first thing is try to get the domain of the main name. i.e.  jmainternetdesigninc.net

That is great and it will gives a good grounded foundation on the internet.  And if someone searches it by name it will surely be in the search results.  But also having domains that pin point what your website is about is also help.  

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How do mobile apps interact in our day to day lives?

Do mobile apps run your life or business?

Within the last few weeks, I learned how much my small home based business and I depends on mobile apps.  

I love technology, gadgets and I try to keep up with the latest innovations when they come out.  But when you find an application that  works and really does what it say it will do.  One finds a comfort zone and really depend on these applications almost as an employee, that you don’t have to pay healthcare for.  

But what happens to you when your best employees, which is an application get sick (glitch).  You begin to wish you had paid for healthcare for them (apps) because your somewhat loss in your own business.

Amazing Mobile Applications

Yahoo! and other applications is not included because these applications is used across the board.  I am speaking of applications that you choose to use to make your daily business and life run more smoothly.

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Mobile Sites and Mobile Search Engines

Is your site Mobile?

Research states that more searches are done with some sort of mobile device.  Will your site be able to be found in a mobile search as if on a desk or laptop.?


As a web designer we try to stay a step ahead of what our clients’ need to be successful on the internet.  Mobile sites and searches is a must now days.  At JMA INTERNET DESIGN all sites are composed with mobile site conversion.

JMA INTERNET DESIGN 2015 1st Quarter Promotion

Mobile searches is becoming a way of life.  Are you ready?

Donations are accepted and appreciated for continuing education. Thank You.  JMA INTERNET DESIGN